Saturday, 14 June 2008

Emilo Largo

mi6 Dossier
subject:Emilo Largo
Employnmet:This millionair is second in command of SPECTRE and is head of extortion operations.
Appearance:sports a black eyepatch over his left eye and wears a SPECTRE ring on his right hand.
Known associates:Ernest Stavro Blofeld, fiona volpe, and girlfreind dominique domino derval.
Behavior:charming but ruthless. because his henchman quist failed to kill 007 Largo threw him into a shark pool as punishment!
Tommorow Never Dies

mi6 offical report on elliot carvers attempt to dominate the worlds media by starting a major war.

Case Summary
when the frigate HMS Devonshire was sunk in chinese waters,M orderd 007 to look into the cause.
bond centred his investigation around media mogul Elliot Carver,whose newspaper,tommorow,had reported on the incident hours before mi6 Knew about it.

Bond found out that Carver had used a GPS encoder to direct the Devonshire into chinese territorial waters. Carvers stealth ship, which couldent be detected by radar, sank a ship and stole its nuclear missiles.Carver planned to fire a missile at beijing,starting a war between England and China - all to ensure the success of his new 24hour satellite news channel.

wai lin-the chinese agent worked with 007 to find out what lay behind the hostilities between the chinese armed forces and the british navy.
paris carver-Carvers wife helped bond -so he ordered her death and tried to make it look like bond had murdered her.
Jack Wade-the brash CIA agent heiped bond reach the site of the sunken HMS Devonshire.

Elliot Carver-this ruthless buissnessman wanted to rule the media. He believed thats theres no news like bad news -especially if it made him money!
stamper-Carvers number two was a callous killer whose nervous system made him feel pleasure when he should feel pain.
Dr Kaufman-thi intelligent assassins hobbies included torture! He was responsible for the death of Carvers wife, paris.

Stealth Ship-Carvers catamaran was invisable to radar ,had facilities to fire nuclear missiles and housed the sea vac drill.
Bmw 750IL-Qs latest impressive vehicle contained 12 missiles and a formidable securtity system, including electric shocks and tear gas! the car also had re-inflatable tyres.
Bmw r1200 motor cycle-Hand cuffed together ,007 and Wai Lin used this bike to escape rooftops after infiltrating carvers HQ in saigon.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sea - vac drill

Deadlier than a shark and stronger than a tidal wave , the sea vac drill can devour anything in its path.

Rear jet steering - Motor - driven jets thrust out streams of water to steer. When water jets out in one direction, the drill turns 90 degrees.

Connecting Cable - This ensures the sea-vac stays connected to the stealth ship. The cable is reeled in to return the drill to the loading bay.

Turbine engine - Sucked- in seawater rotates the turbine blades. These turn a shaft axle linked to a generator, creating the power to the propel the sea- vac forwards.

Remote Sensor - A curcuit board proccesses a signal from the stealth ship. The signal then bounces back to create a 3-D computer image of sea- vacs movements.

Revolving Drill Head - These three interlocking blades hold more than 200 razor- sharp teeth. Nothing escapes their grinding grip!

Demon Drill - The rotary cutters are so stronge that they can bore through the reinforced steel hull of a battleship.

Mission Data

Which mission? tomorrow never dies
Who uses it? Stamper, elliot carver and james bond
When is it used? Once to eat into and sink HMS devonshire and later to churn carver into mincemeat.
What Happens to it? The sea vac is wrecked in the stealth ship explosion.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Tracy Di Vicenzo

apperance - Long auburn hair, brown eyes, very glamorous.

Family - Tracys italian fartheris Marc ange Draco, The head of union corse, a huge European crime syndicate. Her English mother died when Tracy was twelve years old.

Character - Tracy is wild, reckless and headstrong. She enjoys driving fast and gambling, sometimes with money she doesent have!

Skill - An all - round athlete, Tracy can ski, skate and ride horses.

History - After her farther cut of her allowance, Tracy married an italian count, who died in a car accident soon afterwards. His death badley affected Tracy and 007 saved her from drowning herself. Draco then offered Bond £1 million in gold plus information on Ernst Stavro Blofeld if he married tracy.

James Bond File 2

Assessment For 00 Status

File Data:
This file contains notes on agent James Bond's MI6 career, in order to assess promotion to 00 status.

Translation Duties
  • Bonds first MI6 posting was to the British Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Duties include translating messages that had been intercepted from Haitian, French and Dutch West Indies sources
  • Bond played a large role in stoopping a drug and gun smuggling operation between Kingston and London.

Psychological Profile

  • Although agent Bonds intellectual ability cannot be questioned, he often takes unnecessary risks. He has also been known to sometimes ignore orders altogether.
  • He often seems bored by the more routine aspects of training. His natrual curiosity is an exellentasset for any MI6 agent, but his dislike of authority surggests he will often clash with superios.
  • Despite this, it is still our opinion that James Bond will make an exellent 00 agent.

Ops Specailist

  • promoted to Ops specilist, Bond was posted to the british embassy in rome.
  • A series o missions took him to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, France, Spain, China and the US.
  • Bond helped to solve a minor crisis between China and the US.He also undertook a surveillance trip to Iraq to identify what weapons was being manufactured.

Black operations

  • Agent Bond was assighned a secret position within the convert black ops unit at MI6s london headqaurters.
  • Further information is currently classified, althrough during this time he was active in Austria, Cuba, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the United Arab emirates.

Brilliant booby traps

You cant always make a room intruder - proof, but its easy to be aware of unwanted guests...

Often a locked door isnt enough to stop a sneaky intruder from breaking into a room. So its vital to known when your security has been breached. If you prepare property before you leave, the clues should be there when you return!

Look at the books - It helps to have a ordered mind to catch a snooper. Arrange a pile of books or cds in alphabetical order along your shelf. If they"re out of order the next time you check, its an obvious sign that someone is tempering with them.

Split Hairs - 007 used this trick on the mission. Lick your fingers and smooth hair over the gap between two drawers or cupboared doors. If hair is broken or missing when you return, someones been inside.

Sticky fingers - Rest a piece of glossy paper or some clear cellophane over any importment documents that you dont want anyone to read. The, leave a paperweight smeared with cooking oil on top. The intruder will need to pick up the paperweight first and will leave greasy fingerprints on the glossy paper surface.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Lotus Esprit S1

This lethat and brilliant submarine car is equipped with surface-to-air missiles, mines and harpoons!

Defence Jets - In sub mode, two jets behind the rear number plate spray ink to provide cover. Onland, two other jets shoot liquid cement at cars in persuit.

Propellers - Emerging from the rear bumper, propellers power the car to a speed of 7.2 knots when underwater.

Retractable - As soon as the lotus hits the water, the wheels rotate and are sealed inside the hull.

Contact mines - dropped from underneath the esprit, these explosives are particularly effective against enemy submarines.

missiles - missiles are hidden in a secret hatch above the rear windscreen - perfect for blasting enemy aircraft out of the sky!

Harpoon guns - Behind the front numberplate are harpoons and heat - seeking missiles.

hydroplane fins - these extend out from the wheel arches to help keep the level underwater.

Submarine controls - when its underwater, the cars dashboard revolves to reveal the controls for submarine mode.

periscope - the lotus is equipped with a periscope that provides a 360% field vision.