Monday, 25 February 2008

James Bond File 2

Assessment For 00 Status

File Data:
This file contains notes on agent James Bond's MI6 career, in order to assess promotion to 00 status.

Translation Duties
  • Bonds first MI6 posting was to the British Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Duties include translating messages that had been intercepted from Haitian, French and Dutch West Indies sources
  • Bond played a large role in stoopping a drug and gun smuggling operation between Kingston and London.

Psychological Profile

  • Although agent Bonds intellectual ability cannot be questioned, he often takes unnecessary risks. He has also been known to sometimes ignore orders altogether.
  • He often seems bored by the more routine aspects of training. His natrual curiosity is an exellentasset for any MI6 agent, but his dislike of authority surggests he will often clash with superios.
  • Despite this, it is still our opinion that James Bond will make an exellent 00 agent.

Ops Specailist

  • promoted to Ops specilist, Bond was posted to the british embassy in rome.
  • A series o missions took him to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, France, Spain, China and the US.
  • Bond helped to solve a minor crisis between China and the US.He also undertook a surveillance trip to Iraq to identify what weapons was being manufactured.

Black operations

  • Agent Bond was assighned a secret position within the convert black ops unit at MI6s london headqaurters.
  • Further information is currently classified, althrough during this time he was active in Austria, Cuba, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the United Arab emirates.

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