Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sea - vac drill

Deadlier than a shark and stronger than a tidal wave , the sea vac drill can devour anything in its path.

Rear jet steering - Motor - driven jets thrust out streams of water to steer. When water jets out in one direction, the drill turns 90 degrees.

Connecting Cable - This ensures the sea-vac stays connected to the stealth ship. The cable is reeled in to return the drill to the loading bay.

Turbine engine - Sucked- in seawater rotates the turbine blades. These turn a shaft axle linked to a generator, creating the power to the propel the sea- vac forwards.

Remote Sensor - A curcuit board proccesses a signal from the stealth ship. The signal then bounces back to create a 3-D computer image of sea- vacs movements.

Revolving Drill Head - These three interlocking blades hold more than 200 razor- sharp teeth. Nothing escapes their grinding grip!

Demon Drill - The rotary cutters are so stronge that they can bore through the reinforced steel hull of a battleship.

Mission Data

Which mission? tomorrow never dies
Who uses it? Stamper, elliot carver and james bond
When is it used? Once to eat into and sink HMS devonshire and later to churn carver into mincemeat.
What Happens to it? The sea vac is wrecked in the stealth ship explosion.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Tracy Di Vicenzo

apperance - Long auburn hair, brown eyes, very glamorous.

Family - Tracys italian fartheris Marc ange Draco, The head of union corse, a huge European crime syndicate. Her English mother died when Tracy was twelve years old.

Character - Tracy is wild, reckless and headstrong. She enjoys driving fast and gambling, sometimes with money she doesent have!

Skill - An all - round athlete, Tracy can ski, skate and ride horses.

History - After her farther cut of her allowance, Tracy married an italian count, who died in a car accident soon afterwards. His death badley affected Tracy and 007 saved her from drowning herself. Draco then offered Bond £1 million in gold plus information on Ernst Stavro Blofeld if he married tracy.

James Bond File 2

Assessment For 00 Status

File Data:
This file contains notes on agent James Bond's MI6 career, in order to assess promotion to 00 status.

Translation Duties
  • Bonds first MI6 posting was to the British Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Duties include translating messages that had been intercepted from Haitian, French and Dutch West Indies sources
  • Bond played a large role in stoopping a drug and gun smuggling operation between Kingston and London.

Psychological Profile

  • Although agent Bonds intellectual ability cannot be questioned, he often takes unnecessary risks. He has also been known to sometimes ignore orders altogether.
  • He often seems bored by the more routine aspects of training. His natrual curiosity is an exellentasset for any MI6 agent, but his dislike of authority surggests he will often clash with superios.
  • Despite this, it is still our opinion that James Bond will make an exellent 00 agent.

Ops Specailist

  • promoted to Ops specilist, Bond was posted to the british embassy in rome.
  • A series o missions took him to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, France, Spain, China and the US.
  • Bond helped to solve a minor crisis between China and the US.He also undertook a surveillance trip to Iraq to identify what weapons was being manufactured.

Black operations

  • Agent Bond was assighned a secret position within the convert black ops unit at MI6s london headqaurters.
  • Further information is currently classified, althrough during this time he was active in Austria, Cuba, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the United Arab emirates.

Brilliant booby traps

You cant always make a room intruder - proof, but its easy to be aware of unwanted guests...

Often a locked door isnt enough to stop a sneaky intruder from breaking into a room. So its vital to known when your security has been breached. If you prepare property before you leave, the clues should be there when you return!

Look at the books - It helps to have a ordered mind to catch a snooper. Arrange a pile of books or cds in alphabetical order along your shelf. If they"re out of order the next time you check, its an obvious sign that someone is tempering with them.

Split Hairs - 007 used this trick on the dr.no mission. Lick your fingers and smooth hair over the gap between two drawers or cupboared doors. If hair is broken or missing when you return, someones been inside.

Sticky fingers - Rest a piece of glossy paper or some clear cellophane over any importment documents that you dont want anyone to read. The, leave a paperweight smeared with cooking oil on top. The intruder will need to pick up the paperweight first and will leave greasy fingerprints on the glossy paper surface.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Lotus Esprit S1

This lethat and brilliant submarine car is equipped with surface-to-air missiles, mines and harpoons!

Defence Jets - In sub mode, two jets behind the rear number plate spray ink to provide cover. Onland, two other jets shoot liquid cement at cars in persuit.

Propellers - Emerging from the rear bumper, propellers power the car to a speed of 7.2 knots when underwater.

Retractable - As soon as the lotus hits the water, the wheels rotate and are sealed inside the hull.

Contact mines - dropped from underneath the esprit, these explosives are particularly effective against enemy submarines.

missiles - missiles are hidden in a secret hatch above the rear windscreen - perfect for blasting enemy aircraft out of the sky!

Harpoon guns - Behind the front numberplate are harpoons and heat - seeking missiles.

hydroplane fins - these extend out from the wheel arches to help keep the level underwater.

Submarine controls - when its underwater, the cars dashboard revolves to reveal the controls for submarine mode.

periscope - the lotus is equipped with a periscope that provides a 360% field vision.

Deadly Duo

Some of 007s biggest foes belonged to the secret organisation spectre and smersh

what is spectre?

A group made up of the worlds most dangerous criminals. The letters stand for speecial Executive for counter - intelligence, Terrorism, revenge and Extortion - and they want to take over the world!

who is in charge of spectre?

Evil genius ernst stavro blofeld those who disobey or fail him are normaly killed in front of operatives.

Does it really exist?

No - it is invented by 007s creator Ian Flemming.

What is smersh?

A soviet agency like MI6. The name stands for two russian words meaning death to spies

Who is in charge of smersh?

The head of the agency is not known. On the russia with love case. MI6 thought Rosa Klebb was athe boss of SMERSH but she was secretlyworking as the number three in spectre. In the living daylights mission general Georgi Koskov claimed smersh was responsible for the deaths of several MI6 spies, but he was lying.

Does it really exist?

It did. Smersh was activein the soviet union in the 1940s. Ian Flemming made smersh agents the villians in four of his books. but the real smersh proberly wasent as big as the one Flemming describes.

Le Chiffre

Employment - Private banker to the worlds terrorists. He invests their money and access to it where ever they want it.

Known Associates - Alex Dimitrios, mollaka and mr. white.

Appearance - Has a scar above and below his left eye. He also weeps blood, which he claims is caused by a derangement of the tear duct.

Skills - A mathematical genius, Le Cheiffre enjoys proving it by playing poker. He also gambles huge sums of money on the stock market.

Known History - He tried to make money buying and selling shares by sabotaging a prototype plane. When 007 foiled the attempt, Le Chiffre lost more than $100 million.

Profile Update

Current Status - Deceased

Le Chiffre attempted to win back the money he owed to terrorists by playing poker at Casino Royale. It was 007 who left the table with $115million and desperate for the cash, Le Chiffre captured and tortured Bond. The banker was assassinated by Mr White, who believed he could no longer be trusted.

Francisco Scaramanga

Appearance - He is known to have a third nipple, but few people know what he looks like as no photographs of him exist.

Family - His farther was a circus ringmaster and his English mother was a snake charmer.

Known Associates - Nick nack, hai fat, andrea anders and lazar.

Location - Scaramanga lives in a lavish home on his own personal island somewhere off the coast of southeastern China.

Known History - An independent assassin charging one million dollars per kill. He became known as the man with the golden gun because he uses a golden pistol that fires a single gold bullet.

Running Battle

Stunning Running

Free running was created by a Frenchman Sebastien Foucan. It can be extremely dangerouse as free runners scale tall buildings without safety ropes and make huge leaps between rooftops. Real experts have to practice for hours every day. To perform the eye-popping stunts seen in Casino Royale, there could be only one choice to play Mollaka - Sebastien Foucan himself!

Five Facts

1 - Many of the moves that free runners use have been given strange names, like the wall spin, superman and monkey vault.

2 - Free running came to the attention of the writers of Casino Royale when they saw it on a TV documentary.

3 - Some of Casino Royale stunts were so dangerouse that even an expert Sebastian needed a stunt double!

4 - The scene where Bond and Mollaka run along a crane was filmed 60 meters up in the air - higher than Nelson's Colume.

5 - Daniel Graig's first day of filming as the new 007 saw him chasing Mollaka - a though start to life as James Bond.

Drax's Space Station

Like a city in space, Drax's space station is built to house 'perfect' men and women ro repopulate Earth after it has been decimated by bio-weapons.
Drax's Quaters - The masterminds private rooms are topped by a powerful laser cannon, designed to obliterate enemy crafts.
Command Centre - The station's central satellite houses the controls for the laser cannon, globe launcher and life support system.
Solar Panels - Used for powering the entire station. Automatic UV sensors keep the panels moving to utilise optimum sunlight.
Docking chambers - The six moonraker shuttles lock onto these bays, creating a gravity airlock for drax to unlock his human cargo safely.
Gravity System - fixed on each arm, sensors control the spin stabiliser - external thrusters that rotate the space stationto simulate Earths gravity.
Space Battle - A crack team of specially trained US marines engage draxs men in a furious laser gunfight in space.
Gas Globes - drax plans to launch 50 globes filled with nerve gas. Each globe can kill 100 million people but has to effect on plants and animals.
Mission Data
Which mission? moonraker
Who owns it? Sir Hugo Drax
Whats it for? to launch operation orchid, a deadly plan to wipe out all human life on Earth!
What happens to it? blown up during a battle between Draxs men and the US marines.

Aston Martin DB5

This amazing sports car has been equipped with machine guns, bulletproof screen, tyre-slashers and even an ejector seat!

Tracker - The aston martin is fitted with a tracking device that homes in on a small bug planted on another car.

Battering Rams - The front and back bumpers contain hydraulic overriders that can ram other vehicles.

Revolving Plates - The db5 has three number plates - BMT 216A for the UK, 4711 - EA - 62 for the france one and LU 6789 for switzerland.

Machine Guns - The front indicator lights flip down to reveal twin browning machine guns.

Passenger Ejector seats - Press the button concealed in the gear stick to fire any unwanted passengers through the roof.

Tyre Shredders - Extending from the central wheel hubs, these razor sharp blades can put any overtaking vehicles tyres out of action.

Rear Diffrences - behind each rear light is a jet that ejects a slippery oil slick, and a pipe that fires out mini metal spikes for instant punctures!

Bulletproof Sheild - this retractable steel plate protects the rear window when under fire.

Q Major Boothroyd

Appearance - White hair, medium build. Often seen wearing a white lab coat or crumpled suit.
Employment - Head of Q Branch, which supplies MI6 agents with amazing gadgets and vehicals, such as exploding pens and cars with machine guns and injector seats.
Known Associates - James Bond, M and Q's assistant, nickname R.
Family History - Q is british. He rarely discusses his private life but referred to making a gadget for his children during the Diamonds Are Forever mission.
Behaviour - Q is seriours about his work and offten as to remind 007 to take better care of his inventions. But he does show fatherly concern towards agents, and supplied 007 with gadgets after Bond resigned from MI6 to pursue Franz Sanchez.
Profile Update
Current Status - Retired
The Q Branch boss retired after The World Is Not Enough mission, having chosen a successor - his assistant, who then also became known as Q. Before leaving the Major Boothroyd's parting words reminding Bond to always have an escape plan - then Q slowly vanished through the secret hatch in the floor!

Ernest stavro Blofeld

Employment - founder and head of spectre (the special Executive for counter - Espionage, terrorism, revenge and Extortion).

Known Associates - Emilio Largo (spectre number two), Rosa Klebb (number three), Helga Brandt ( number 11), Irma Bunt and dr. no.

Appearance - Blofeld is a master of disguise and uses plastic surgery to alter his appearance. Early sightings describe him as bald, with a scar across his right cheek.Often seen stroking a white persian cat.

Known History - Blofeld has attempted to start a third world war, spread a virus to wipe out crops and livestock and build a laser capable of destroying cities.Agent 007 thwarted all these schemes.

Profile Update

Current Status - Presumed Deceased

During the For Your Eyes Only mission, 007 was nearly killed by a man matching Blofeld's description. Bond got his revenge by dropping the would-be assassin from a helicopter into a factory chimney. As Blofeld has cheated death befor, it must be assumed he is at large until his death can be proved.

How to survive a Shark Attack

Bond has been on many shark-infested missions. But how would you cope face to face with a ferocious shark?

Survival Tactics

Don't Panic! - Sudden movements can cause a shark to lash out. Try to stay as quiet and still as possible.

Avoide The Dark - Sharks tend to hunt by night, so only enter the water in daylight.

Dont drip blood - Even tiny amounts of blood can send a shark into a wild frenzy of blood lust - dress all wounds!

Back Off - Sharks cant swim backwards, so place yourself behind one - fast!

Hit Back - If attacked, make lots of sharp stabs to the eyes or grills.If your lucky he will find a less feisty target.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


Karl Stromberg,s secret HQ is Atlantis - a gigantic, metal structure that can submerge to the seabed as well as surface to the top of the water.

Imposing Size - Atlantis is so vastits like a floating city.Arranged oversevral decks, it was designed to house a sizeable number of people.

Living quarters - the main body of Atlantis houses an impressive study, aqaurium, labortories and a lavish dining room - with a gun that runs the lenth of the table!

Docking - The underside has eight docking bays large enough for speedboats to moor.

Going down - Four massive supporting legs compress oxygen to lower Atlantis to the sea floor.

Explosive End - From the safety of his study, stromberg remotely detonates a helicopter carrying two unfortunates scientists.

Upper Deck - observation area and flight decks sit on the top The helipads are protected by plastic bubbles - useful when submerging!

Mission Data

Which Mission? The Spy Who Loved Me
Who Owns It? Karl Stromberg, Who built Atlantis as the HQ for a new underwater world.
What Happened To It? Atlantis is destroyed by a torpedo fired from an American submarine.

Q Boat

This hi-tech speedboat not only comes equipped with guns and torpedoes, but can even operate underwater!
Jet Engine - Included to give short bursts of extra speed. Requires aircraft fuel for maximum power.
Outer Hull - The Outer Hull is made from a tough, durable alloy able to withstand machine-gun fire.
On-Borad Computer - Runs all major controls and weapons. It also features a satellite navigation system, useful for tracking targets.
Ejector Seat - Standard equipment on many M16 vehicals. Propels the poilet several meters into the air.
Smart Torpedoes - These lethat weapons are heat-seaking and can follow the intended target even if it changes direction.
Machine Guns - These 30cailre machine gun carries 1,000 rounds, able to blast through armour plating.
Mission Data
Which Mission? The world is not enough
Who Drives it? James Bond(without permission)
Where is it used? The Thames in London.
What Happened to it? Wrecked! The remains were recovered, on land, close to The Millenium Dome.

James Bond 007

Personal Details

Full Name: James Bond

Height: 1.83m

Weight: 76kg

Hair: Sandy Brown

Born: West Berlin, Germany

Marital Status: Single


  • Eton College,Windson

  • Fettes College, Edinburgh

  • Cambridge University - 1st Class Honours degree in Oriental Languages.

Military Service History: Includes distinguised service aboard HMS Ark Royal, HMS Exeter and HMS Turbulent.

Bond Basics

Want to be a real Bond buff? All your questions answered about the world's greatest spy!

Q - Who is James Bond?
A - An Mi6 spy created in 1952 by author Ian Flemming. Flemming was also a Naval Commander - just like his hero James Bond.

Q - What is Mi6?
A - It really exists and is part of the British secret service.Mi stands for military intelligence.Mi5 is the security service for the UK and Mi6 is responsible for spying abroad.Its agents gather data on people or terrorist organisations that could be a threatto the country - either by attacking it, or giving away top secret information.

Q - who else works at mi6?
A - Bonds boss has the code name M.Ms secretary is Miss moneypenny.The spy gadgets and weapons are made by Q branch - its chief is called Q.

Q - what does 007 mean?
A - 007 is Bonds agent code number.The double zero shows he has a licence to kill during his missions.It takes two kills before an agent can gain 00 status.

Q - how many Bond movies have been made?
A - dr.No was the first, in 1962.Casino royale,which hit the big screen in 2006, was the 21st film in series.But, the events in Casino royale take place before all the other movies when Bond first becomes a 00 agent.

Q - what does bond look like?
A - Six actors have now played James Bond, starting with Sean Connery.Roger Moore appeared in the role most often, starring in seven movies. Daniel Craig is the latest actor to play 007.