Sunday, 24 February 2008

Lotus Esprit S1

This lethat and brilliant submarine car is equipped with surface-to-air missiles, mines and harpoons!

Defence Jets - In sub mode, two jets behind the rear number plate spray ink to provide cover. Onland, two other jets shoot liquid cement at cars in persuit.

Propellers - Emerging from the rear bumper, propellers power the car to a speed of 7.2 knots when underwater.

Retractable - As soon as the lotus hits the water, the wheels rotate and are sealed inside the hull.

Contact mines - dropped from underneath the esprit, these explosives are particularly effective against enemy submarines.

missiles - missiles are hidden in a secret hatch above the rear windscreen - perfect for blasting enemy aircraft out of the sky!

Harpoon guns - Behind the front numberplate are harpoons and heat - seeking missiles.

hydroplane fins - these extend out from the wheel arches to help keep the level underwater.

Submarine controls - when its underwater, the cars dashboard revolves to reveal the controls for submarine mode.

periscope - the lotus is equipped with a periscope that provides a 360% field vision.

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