Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sea - vac drill

Deadlier than a shark and stronger than a tidal wave , the sea vac drill can devour anything in its path.

Rear jet steering - Motor - driven jets thrust out streams of water to steer. When water jets out in one direction, the drill turns 90 degrees.

Connecting Cable - This ensures the sea-vac stays connected to the stealth ship. The cable is reeled in to return the drill to the loading bay.

Turbine engine - Sucked- in seawater rotates the turbine blades. These turn a shaft axle linked to a generator, creating the power to the propel the sea- vac forwards.

Remote Sensor - A curcuit board proccesses a signal from the stealth ship. The signal then bounces back to create a 3-D computer image of sea- vacs movements.

Revolving Drill Head - These three interlocking blades hold more than 200 razor- sharp teeth. Nothing escapes their grinding grip!

Demon Drill - The rotary cutters are so stronge that they can bore through the reinforced steel hull of a battleship.

Mission Data

Which mission? tomorrow never dies
Who uses it? Stamper, elliot carver and james bond
When is it used? Once to eat into and sink HMS devonshire and later to churn carver into mincemeat.
What Happens to it? The sea vac is wrecked in the stealth ship explosion.

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